The outer shell of the Silver Line model for x-ray protection gear offers many functional advantages over standard outer shells within this sector. 
The material of the REGO Silver Line outer shell consists of a webbing, interwoven of fibres, coated in pristine silver. 
The silver threads of the Silver Line act as antimicrobial, prevent growth of bacteria, and therefore protect the product to evolve a lingering smell. 
Furthermore is the fibre of the Silver Line antistatic and thermoregulating. 
Due to the natural silver used for the fibre, there was no need for nanotechnology or complex chemistry.

The Coat Apron of the Silver Line Series offers the following attributes: 

  • Light and comfortable apron with good radiation protection
  • A perfect fit
  • With hook-and-lop fastener
  • Under the directive of DIN 61331 - 3 and RÖV

Available lead equivalents:

  • 0.25mm, 0.35mm, 0.5mm

Available colours:

  • navy blue, light blue

Available length: 

  • 90cm, 100cm, 120cm
Hüftbreite 60 cm (hips)
Oberweite up to ca 99 cm (bust)
Schulterbreite 40 cm (shoulders)
Silver Line
Anti- geruch Eliminates odour naturally, x-ray protective clothing smells fresh for an extended period of time
Anti- Statisch Protects from electrostatic loading
Antimikrobakteriell Protects from bacteria and fungal growth
Dauerhaft The effects last longer than the lifespan of the actual x-ray protective clothing
Thermoregulierend Stays cool for an extended period of time, in case the treatment takes a couple of hours

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Coat Apron "Silver Line " SMALL

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