Dimex V gateway to interface imaging modalities via video signal. 

  • DICOM Modality Worklist included.
  • Images are generated from the video signal and stored as digital images. Images are automatically registered and assigned to the corresponding patient.

Appliation scenarios: 

  • Imaging modalities that do not have a DICOM 3 interface yet.
  • Imaging modalities that do not have a DICOM 3 Interface but a video signal that is suitable.
  • Imaging modalities that can only be reconfigured at high cost.

Technical data: 

  • The system will be delivered and installed as a complete system (software and hardware).
  • Operation of the System is done by way of a software terminal (VNC, Remote desktop etc.) and foot switch.

Planning and installation

  • Prior to installation the exact shape of the video signal and the location it can be retrieved from must be clear.

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