Siemens Magnetom Espree

  • Weight: 1,5 T
  • Zero Boil Off
  • YOM: 03 - 2010

The system is still in clinical use in Australia and can be inspected.

We can arrange for video conference inspection on demand.

Technical details:

  • Magnet System OR122 Magnet Supervision RCCS_2 D11 Board Rack RFSU GPA XXL ACC AMC-Rack System Separator SEP F70 HV Helium Compressor


  • Z ENGINE, Blade, Inline Perfusion, Image Filter, 3D MPR, ARGUS Main, 3D usage, MPPS, 3D SSD, Worklist,IP Pat Plus, Advanced Functional Neuro, Spine Composing, inline diffusion, TIM 32 x 8, TIM Application Suite, 3D Distortion Correction, Inline Composing, i class, optimized protocols for EC, TIM whole body, matrix mode, CISS, DESS, Syngo General, INLINE 3D DISTORTION CORRECTION, SWI, PHOENIXZIP, MAGNETOM ESPREE, MR005 IMAGER PROC. STEP4 8K/8GB


  • Body Matrix MR Coil; Neck Matrix MR Coil; Spine Matrix MR Coil; Body Coil SLIM 70; CP Extremity MR Coil; 1.5T 4 CH Interface; 1.5T 4 CH Flex LARGE MR Coil; 1.5T 4 CH Flex SMALL MR Coil; 8 CH High Resolution Knee Array; Head Matrix MR Coil; GRAD.COIL/AS022 SLIM_CPL.; Coil Shoulder Array, LARGE; Coil Shoulder Array, SMALL; PAMO 5 Display 12,1"; 4 CH Breast Coil


  • Copy Protection Dongle(USB-Dongle), RF Power Amplifier, SK Level 9 Inhouse, Base Plate Rest Espree, RF Support Plate, Basic Processor MRC Host 005 R650, SK Level 7 SIEMENS, 005 E SHIM ASSY 5A (2362), TFT Colour Monitor 19 IN., Whole Body Basic Table, Tabletop

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Siemens Magnetom Espree

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