Siemens Magnetom C

Weight: 0,35 T

YOM: 2008

System Serial No.: 29059

Software latest: MRA 40

Number of receivers: 4

Easy side MPU Pulse finger sensor

Documentation Software Phantoms Phantom holders

System is ready for Loading.


Other Data:


  • Body L Body Xl Extremity L Extremity XL Head Array MP Neck L Neck M Shoulder Body coil lower part


  • N11 adv 3D CAP 3D Filter MIP CAP 3D Filter SSD CAP 3D voicemode CAP 3D main MRI CV main N turbo sequences N 2D pace N pat basic N 11 EPI PER DIFF C MR Support MPPS Support N Prot Sequence Inline Syngo general License N Turbo Sequences Application Core package Core plus Worklist Image Filter Adv workflow 1D/2D Pace IPAT Adv 3D Inline processing Adv Maestro Class

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Siemens Magnetom C

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